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İNŞ101 - Introduction to Civil Engineering

Instructor: Dr.Öğr.ÜyesiMehmet İnanç ONUR
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Scott, J.S. (1969) Civil Engineering, Yu Luen Offset Printing Factory Ltd. Longman.
Grading: Midterm II (%30); Presentation, Quiz, Homework (%20); Final (%50)
Other Resources:
Course Outline:
1. Week
Introduction to Eskisehir Technical University, Dept. of Civil Eng.

2. Week

Becoming A Civil Engineer (Ch_1) + Ethic Codes In Civil Engineering + Drawing Office Work (Ch_2) 

3. Week

Concrete Technology (Ch_3) +  Reading Texts: (Ch_4) + (Ch_5) + (Ch_6) 

4. Week
Modern Building Materials (Ch_7) + Factory Construction (Ch_8) + Reading Texts: (Ch_10) + (Ch_22)

5. Week
Soil Mechanics (Ch_11) + Foundations  (Ch_12) 

6. Week

MidTerm Exam Week

Only one midterm exam is valid for this course that will be take at the second exam week (Week 12).

7. Week

Roadbuilding (Ch_13) + Traffic Engineering (Ch_18) + Reading Texts: (Ch_15) + (Ch_17) + (Ch_23) 

8. Week
Structures (Ch_14)

9. Week

Drainage, Sewerage and Sewage (Ch_16) + Water Supply (Ch_21) +Reading Texts: (Ch_20) 

10. Week

Municipal Engineering (Ch_19) + Process Engineering (Ch_26) + Planning (Ch_27) 

11. Week

Earthquakes and Civil Engineering

12. Week

MidTerm Exam

13. Week
Mathematical Equations 
Homework Presentations

14. Week
Homework Presentations

15. Week

Final Exam

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