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About the Department

In the first year of education, as well as the other engineering departments, basic courses which include physics, chemistry and mathematics are given. In the following three years before graduation, courses regarding the branches of civil engineering like structural and geotechnical engineering, hydraulics, material science and transportation engineering are instructed. Under the scope of the courses, theoretical education is supported and reinforced by laboratory studies. There are four special laboratories in the department in which modern equipments are provided. They can be listed as structure, geotechnical, hydraulic and transportation laboratories. In addition, the computer rooms which supply the software for computer-aided-design (CAD) provide convenience for the students.

In the civil engineering department, it is aimed to give training regarding the designs of all types of buildings, highways, railways, motorways, airports, tunnels, harbors, dams, irrigation canals, bridges and geotechnical investigation issues.

The graduates of the civil engineering department can establish their own companies, work as field or design engineers or continue their researches and have academic career.
















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