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Educational Aims

  1. Department Education Goals

    1. Graduates are employed in the basic areas of the civil engineering program related to their own profession. 10% of the graduates are self-employed while 70% of them are employed in the private sector and the remaining 30% are engaged in various public institutions and organizations.
    2. 30% of the graduates take an active role in international or joint projects concordantly to the progress of the Turkish contracting sector in the world.
    3. Graduates are promoted to the decision-making position at their own workplaces, and 25% are allocated as site manager, manager and similar positions.
    4. At least 20% of the graduates continue their graduate studies in their own field or in other areas to gain and disseminate the culture of research and development.
    5. Graduates work in disaster matters and enroll to the member of a professional chamber in order to improve and make their professional activities more effective for the service to humanity and welfare of nation.
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